October 26, 2021
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  • Tokyo pitch accent of conjugated types of “付ける
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Stem types
Terminal (終止形)
Attributive (連体形)
付ける [tsùkéꜜrù]
Crucial (命令形) 付けろ [tsùkéꜜrò]
Key constructions
Passive 付けられる けられ [tsùkéráréꜜrù]
Causative 付けさせる けさせ [tsùkésáséꜜrù]
Potential 付けられる けられ [tsùkéráréꜜrù]
Volitional 付けよう けよ [tsùkéyóꜜò]
Damaging 付けない ない [tsùkéꜜnàì]
Damaging perfective 付けなかった なかった [tsùkéꜜnàkàttà]
Formal 付けます けま [tsùkémáꜜsù]
Perfective 付けた けた [tsúꜜkètà]
Conjunctive 付けて けて [tsúꜜkètè]
Hypothetical conditional 付ければ れば [tsùkéꜜrèbà]


()ける • (tsukerutransitive ichidan (stem () (tsuke), previous ()けた (tsuketa))

  1. connect, affix, stick, fasten, add, add on, append; set, put, put one factor on one other

    koppu ni kuchi o tsukeru
    Put one’s lips to a glass
  2. apply, placed on
  3. go away a mark on
  4. write, make an entry
  5. give, impart, direct, direct one’s consideration
  6. set, set a worth
  7. present with an attendant, present an individual with an attendant, place an individual in attendance, place an individual in attendance on
  8. comply with, path, shadow
  9. settle, carry to phrases


Various types[edit]

Derived phrases[edit]

Associated phrases[edit]


()ける • (-tsukeru

  1. be accustomed to, be used to
  2. carry out an motion vigorously, carry out an motion vehemently
  3. understand, detect

Derived phrases[edit]

  • 付け (-tsuke): favourite, accustomed
  • 駆付ける, 駆け付ける (kaketsukeru): run to
  • 傷付ける, 疵付ける (kizutsukeru): wound, injure
  • 来付ける (kitsukeru): name ceaselessly
  • 仕付ける, 為付ける (shitsukeru): be used to
  • 吸付ける, 吸い付ける (suitsukeru): appeal to, be used to
  • 照付ける, 照り付ける (teritsukeru): blaze down on
  • 説付ける, 説き付ける (tokitsukeru): persuade
  • 投付ける, 投げ付ける (nagetsukeru): throw at
  • 飲付ける, 飲み付ける (nomitsukeru): drink usually
  • 引付ける, 引き付ける, 惹き付ける (hikitsukeru): fascinate, appeal to
  • 打付ける (butsukeru, buttsukeru, uchitsukeru, buchitsukeru): knock, run into
  • 踏付ける, 踏み付ける (fumitsukeru): trample down
  • 見付ける (mitsukeru, mikkeru): uncover, discover
  • 目付ける (mekkeru): uncover,discover
  • 行付ける, 行き付ける (yukitsukeru, ikitsukeru): go to usually
  • 読付ける, 読み付ける (yomitsukeru): be accustomed to studying
  • やっ付ける, 遣っ付ける (yattsukeru): beat, assault
  • 痛め付ける (itametsukeru): rebuke, taunt
  • 炒り付ける, 煎り付ける (iritsukeru): parch, roast
  • 打ち付ける (uchitsukeru, buchitsukeru): knock, run into
  • 仰せ付ける (ōsetsukeru): command, request
  • 押え付ける, 押さえ付ける, 抑え付ける (osaetsukeru): press down
  • 脅し付ける (odoshitsukeru): threaten, terrify
  • 格好付ける, 恰好付ける (kakkōtsukeru): have an effect on a classy air
  • 聞付ける, 聞き付ける (kikitsukeru): hear, catch
  • 蹴り付ける (keritsukeru): kick
  • 叱り付ける (shikaritsukeru): rebuke
  • 締め付ける (shimetsukeru): tighten, press arduous
  • 焚き付ける (takitsukeru): kindle, construct a fireplace
  • 叩き付ける (tatakitsukeru): strike,throw
  • 食べ付ける (tabetsukeru): be used to consuming


()ける • (-zukeru

  1. give, impart, present with

Derived phrases[edit]